The Clash - Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg (1981) Fixed Link.

All I can add to the billions of words written about the greatest band ever are my  personal recollections of the way in which their music brought a bit of light into a gloomy adolescence in the late 70's and early 80's.
I've always held Combat Rock by The Clash in the very highest esteem. The release of London Calling was the high point in my life as a consumer of music- everything being perfectly right at the time - the eager anticipation, the discussion of the songs on the schoolyard, the sense of belonging to some huge gang whose members were spread across space and time.
I know that a lot of 'purists' felt that The Clash lost their way (and Sandinista was a bit of an effort) but I was absolutely bowled over by the lyricism and funky groove of Combat Rock.
Here's the album as produced by Mick Jones in 1981, a famous bootleg.

http://d01.megashares.com/dl/h94Pl7s/The Clash Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg.rar


  1. Hi, I was able to get part 1 through rapidshare, but part 2 is not available through that or any of the other options. Whenever you can . . . Thanks for everything, I've become a Monochrome Set fan last year because of you and the Burning Aquarium!

  2. Hi anonymous- I don't know what the problem is. At the moment I can't access multiupload- which is in itself a bit of a concern. I think the music sharing world is going through a stormy patch at the moment! if i can rectify the situation with this post in the near future i will, but it may be beyond my control.

  3. Hi anonymous- the link is fixed now. Enjoy.

  4. Hey, Walker, I've finally got a slot at Megashares! I'd been trying ever since you fixed the link. Let's see how it goes. Oh, why was I unable to comment anonymously this past month or so? Anyway, many, many thanks. I'm a fan of yours and your blog's. Keep it up!

  5. Man, I've got it! And it didn't take long, either! Finally! Massive thanks! Why didn't they release "Beautiful People"? And why shorten "Straight to Hell"? The latter's just amazing in its full glory, so powerful...

  6. Nice one! I'm glad you got it. Thanks for the support.


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