Manchester, So Much To Answer For (1990)

The Fall Eat Yourself Fitter Buzzcocks What Do I Get
The Frantic Elevators  Hunchback Of Notre Dame The Chameleons Second Skin (Films) 
The Passage  Dark Times Blue Orchids The House That Faded Out
Tools You Can Trust Working And Shopping Twang Big Dry Out
A Witness I Love You Mr. Disposable Razors Big Flame All The Irish Must Go To Heaven 
The Smiths Handsome Devil Happy Mondays Mad Cyril Inspiral Carpets Directing Traffic 
The Railway Children Consider Dub Sex Swerve A Certain Ratio Do The Du 
A Guy Called Gerald Rockin' Ricki Ruthless Rap Assassins Three The Hard Way 
Kiss AMC Rawside New Fast Automatic Daffodils Big

I bet you've all been dying for a bit of Mick Hucknall on here?
A bit of a cash in on the (then) massive impact that Manchester was having on the popular music scene.
 Flaws? A Manchester comp covering roughly 1978-1990 with no Joy Division / New Order?
Stone Roses never played a Peel Session so they're not here either. Similarly absent and more of a loss - The Durutti Column and Frank Sidebottom . Anyway, what's here is, generally speaking, good. In places the sound quality is not great I'm afraid. (One of those 90's CDs that's turned a funny yellow colour...)


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