Goldie Lookin' Chain- Half Man Half Machine (2004)

Guest blogger time! Nixon Newman (seriously) writes from Wetherspoons (probably)...
I remember the first time I heard this I was working in a mental hospital. I was in this lad's room about to give him a clopixol jab and this came on the radio. 
I went to Cardiff with the ex missus a few days later and bought the single in Spillers in  The Hayes. 
We went for a few drinks and I was sitting in these various pubs watching all these young blokes in their cheap looking suits and their lilac shirts having a pint in their lunchbreaks. Like one pint of Carlsberg or something. The penny dropped. I was never going to be like that - I knew that once I'd started drinking I could never stop until I was pissed, and I drank everyday. It was a massive turning point .
Anyway, I listened to the record over and over, as if I was 14. They're quite clever I think, musically and lyrically.

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