The Hepburns- Discography: 1987-2010

Goalmouth Incident (12" 1987)- Try here to buy or can be downloaded here.

The Magic of The Hepburns (LP 1988).  Was re released on CD in Japan with Goalmouth Incident as bonus tracks (1991) - Try here to buy, or is available on i-tunes.

John Peel Session (Not an official release) first transmitted 17/04/1989 can be downloaded here.

Electrified (From Countryside to City) (12" 1990) Rarely seen, but you can download it here.

From here on in all releases are available from Radio Khartoum or Amazon.

CD 3 inch Vinyl 10"
The Last Thing I Saw Before I Said Goodbye

Deciphering Linear A
(2005) Vinyl 7" CD Mini

Something Worth Stealing

Trojan Hearse

How The Fallen Are Mighty

Compilations and split releases:

Zine Summer 1989 flexi (shared with The Waltones) features the song Where You Belong. Have a look on e bay, or can be downloaded here.

Instrumentally Yours
(1993) features You’re A Queer One, Les Mun

Pastel Beans ( 1991 ) features Fly Boys

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  1. Also:
    You're A Queer One Les Mun is on the compilation 'Cherry Red for Cafe Apres-Midi', Victor Entertainment, Japan. Catalogue number VICP-61760


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