Eye of the Devil (aka 13)

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll probably tell you that I have a good memory. They might even say an exceptional memory, an unnatural memory...
I disagree. True, there was a time when I could perform prodigious feats of memory. Party tricks.
My memories of real life events however, tend to be sketchy collages of fact and fancy. I know for a fact that some of my memories are memories of dreams.
I was convinced, however, that when I was a child I had seen this film.
It would have been in the early seventies and I would have seen it on TV with my nutty 'babysitters', late on a Saturday night.
I could remember only tantalizing details; The Marquis' moustache, the somnambulism, the bow and arrow, the candles...
It's taken about 25 years for me to track it down. You can download it from this blog.

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