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I've always had a thing about cover versions. Not in the Wedding Party Band sense, but in the way in which covers show that rock music is, at it's pure unadulterated heart, essentially about fandom, populism and the do it yourself ethos.
In putting together this compilation my aim was to include songs of quality covered by decent artists with a degree of originality.
1. Debaser- originally by Pixies- covered by Mother Universe.
2. Bonnie and Clyde- originally by- Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot- covered by Luna & Lætitia Sadier
3. A Song From Under The Floorboards- originally by- Magazine -covered by Morrissey
4. Sad Dark Eyes- originally by The Loved Ones- covered by Mick Harvey
5. Head On- originally by The Jesus and Mary Chain- covered by Pixies
6. Make Me Smile- originally by Steve Harley’s Cockney Rebel- covered by The Wedding Present
7. Bigmouth Strikes Again- originally by The Smiths- covered by Placebo
8. Just Like Heaven- originally by The Cure- covered by Dinosaur Jr.
9. Ceremony- originally by New Order- covered by Galaxie 500
10. You Sexy Thing- originally by Hot Chocolate- covered by Cud
11. Leave Me Alone- originally by New Order- covered by Chappaquiddick Skyline
12. Pastime Paradise- originally by Stevie Wonder- covered by Patti Smith
13. Flowers In The Rain- originally by The Move- covered by Kaiser Chiefs
14. Hounds Of Love- originally by Kate Bush- covered by The Futureheads
15. Telegram Sam- originally by Marc Bolan & T Rex- covered by Bauhaus
This has been knocked together from many sources, so the bitrate is variable (fact)- the music is good (opinion).

ALAS! for the time being , at least, the link is dead and I never kept the songs all in one file...

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