Stereolab- ABC Music- Radio 1 Sessions (2003)

part 1
    Difficult Fourth Title
(John John Peel,30.7.91)
    Laissez Faire
    Peng 33

    John Cage Bubblegum (John Peel, 28.6.92)
    Wow and Flutter
    Moogie Wonderland

    Heavy Denim  (John Peel, 28.9.93)
    French Disko
    Wow and Flutter
    Golden Ball
    Lo Boob Oscillator
(Mark Radcliffe, 13.12.93)
    Check and Double Check 
    Working Title (The Pram Song)
(Mark Radcliffe, 22.11.94)
http://d01.megashares.com/dl/IhDu3fx/Stereolab- ABC Music 1.rar

part 2
    International Colouring Contest
  (Mark Radcliffe, 22.11.94)
    Metronomic Underground 
    Spinal Column
    Tomorrow Is Already Here
(John Peel, 15.2.96)
    Les Yper-Sound
    Heavenly Van Halen
    Cybele's Reverie
    Slow Fast Hazel
(Evening Session, 26.2.96)
    Nothing to Do With Me 
    Double Rocker
    Baby Lulu
    Naught More Terrific Than Man
(John Peel, 9.19.01)
 http://d01.megashares.com/dl/tT4FZzf/Stereolab- ABC Music 2.rar

 The SI taught us détournement...
Here's a label for you- Postmodern Retro- Futurism.
That was the nineties, halcyon days for postmodernists, when we could live in a faux sixties, Cool Britannia and Britpop, watching The Champions on teatime television and talking about maverick  footballers. Squeaky clean history. This music is everything . Qualities absent from the Yeh Yeh stuff, whatever pop music was played in May 68, or even from the experimental euro music it purports to mimic (that's a real old Moog, you know), abound here. Trippy.  
Highly highly recommended.

Though this world's essentially an absurd place to be
 Living in it doesn't call for total withdrawal
I've been told it's a fact of life
Men have to kill one another
Well I say there are still things worth fighting for
La Resistance!
Though this world's essentially an absurd place to be

 Living in it doesn't call for bubble withdrawal
It's said human existence is pointless
  Acts of rebellious solidarity
Can bring sense in this world   La Resistance!


  1. That's one of my all time favorite songs


  2. Consistently amazing! Thanks for this, great choice.


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