Hasil Adkins- Out To Hunch (1986)

Hasil Adkins painted by Joe Coleman.

Hasil Adkins' discography is pretty obscure. He started making music in the 1950's , and , under the misconception that the performers he heard on the radio played all the instruments themselves, he operated as a one man band. He recorded his songs on a reel to reel in his trailer and even went so far as to press his own records.
The Haze released a steady stream of these DIY records. He allegedly sent a copy of every record he made to The White House, Nixon being the only President  to thank him...
The Haze became more widely known in the 1980's due to the attentions of The Cramps and similar acts.

Much as I like The Cramps their cover of She Said, which sounds like a parody, is probably my least favourite Cramps track. This LP, released on the back of the Psychobilly boom, collects tracks that were recorded from 1962 onwards.
The Hasil Adkins Hazequarters is here.

http://d01.megashares.com/dl/x4zpJk3/Hasil Adkins - Out to Hunch.rar

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