Hole- Live Through This (1994)

Eric Erlandson - lead guitar
Courtney Love - vocals, rhythm guitar
Kristen Pfaff - bass, piano, backing vocals
Patty Schemel - drums
Dana Kletter — additional vocals
Kurt Cobain - backing vocals on Asking For It and Softer, Softest

Hole's album Live Through This expresses a standpoint that may articulate a third-wave feminist consciousness. However, as a work that critiques the masculine discourses of our society through an ironic performance of gender, it has the potential for reinscribing the very hegemonic ideology it seeks to resist. This analysis leads me to question epistemic privilege and argue that third wave feminism's tenet of individualism represents an appropriation of feminism under the regime of late capitalism.
 Matthew Morris (2009). "Writing (Courtney) Love into the History of Rhetoric: Articulation of a Feminist Consciousness in Live Through This"

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