The Whole Truth...

David R Edwards, Dave Datblygu, reckons that Oblong are The Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever. Capitalised-The Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever. I'm not going to dispute that.
Seeing Dave performing with The Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever was something else. In a rare (unique?) performance in English, this amiable icon of Welsh Culture unleashed a torrent of passion the aftershocks of which I will still be able to feel if I live to be 100. It was a monumental performance, a privilege to witness. Right?
Oblong were, as ever, superb. The potential of the electric guitar approaching fulfilment. They penetrate not only my late middle aged torpor, but my earwax as well (a feat in itself) They enjoy it, too.
Papur Wal were worthy openers. I look forward to hearing their edgy sound on record.

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